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A little about me...

I am a contemporary artist and create abstract and semi-representational expressionist paintings in oils. 
Having grown up in Madeira, a sub-tropical Portuguese island off the coast of Africa, I have always had a deep connection to the natural world and am particularly affected by the ferociousness of the ocean and the uplifting and healing effect of being immersed in nature.

The prime focus of my art practice is on representing the emotional association to a time and place and incorporating this energy into my paintings. Unblocking my recollection of such connections, and creating prompts for others to embark on their own daydream, is at the core of my creative process.

Being creative is crucial in helping me find balance so I consciously strive to fabricate an experience which incites the viewer to slow down for a moment and embrace my work as a form of escapism.

I regularly exhibit my work in London and the East Anglia region. I am an ArtCan and Pure Arts Group member artist.

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