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Scattered Paintbrushes

A little about me...

I am a contemporary artist and create landscape and non-descriptive paintings primarily using oil and with varying degrees of abstraction and texture. I also paint in acrylic and resort to this medium when l feel a sense of immediacy to work through an idea.
Having grown up on an island, I have always had a deep connection to the natural world and I particularly appreciate the ferociousness of the ocean and dramatic skies. The prime focus of my art practice is on representing the emotional association I have to places and people rather than on literal resemblance. Exploring my recollection of such connections is at the very core of what drives my creative process.
I consciously strive to fabricate an experience which incites the viewer to slow down and embrace my work as a form of escapism. I am a strong believer in the power of art and how it can be an effective antidote to a busy mind. Art has had a tremendously positive impact on my life and being creative is crucial in helping me find balance. I hope to create many opportunities to share my enthusiasm and appreciation for what art can bring into our lives.

Liliana Dobbs, painter
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